Cellar & Bar

Comptoir is a wine shop, pantry, consultancy, bar & grazing place.  Owner operators, David Lawler and Tim Sacklin in Melbourne. Near to Fitzroy.

Comptoir: a French word meaning ‘bar, counter’. Pronounced: ’commtwah’.

Welcome to a place where wine is top-of-mind, but food is not forgotten. Where wine will be celebrated, yet egalitarian. Where you will experience oodles of classic conviviality and a genuine sharing of the joys of wine, sans the pomp (but with a little of the ceremony).

Comptoir is a wine bar, bottle-shop, grazing place (with a selection for foods for home) plus a wine consultancy under the one roof, but with two seasoned and awarded sommeliers at your service - David Lawler and Tim Sacklin - who have a combined 40 years of fine dining sommelier experience.



We are Open 7 days (except Public Holidays)

Monday  (BOTTLESHOP ONLY) 12pm-7pm

Tuesday BOTTLESHOP from  12pm; Bar from 4pm -10pm

Wednesday BOTTLESHOP from  12pm; Bar from 4pm -10pm

Thursday 11am-Late

Friday 11am-Late

Saturday 12pm - Late

Sunday 12pm-10pm