Cellar & Bar

Comptoir is a wine shop, pantry, consultancy, bar & grazing place.  Owner operators, David Lawler in Melbourne. Near to Fitzroy.



One of the unique elements of Comptoir is its two owners – David and Tim - two (over) accomplishing sommeliers who are eager to (over) share! Enter Comptoir’s Tuesday Mini Masterclass – on the second Tuesday of each month at 6.30pm, in a small group on our communal table for a 90-minute immersion of six wine on the uber delicious scale (with some tasty bar nibbles along for the ride). Suitable for the wine novice or the wine nuanced. 


Tuesday August 8th, 6.30pm


The beautiful city of Bordeaux, its wines are sought after by the most fastidious wine collectors, the wines are some of the most prestigious and long lived of any.  

Crafted from the family of grapes that include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc (among others).

Bordeaux is continuing to evolve and explore the expressions of this centre of global fine wine production.

We will delve into several of its well known communes to reveal that not all Bordeaux carries a lofty price tag and needs many many years in the cellar.

There are in fact some generous, delicous and accessible Bordeaux that we will taste and talk about for this special edition of Intimate & Tuesday.

Tuesday September 12th, 6.30pm


The Chardonnay grape, able to withstand the ebbs and flows of trends that push every which way, from large framed, buttery and rich to whippet lean, green and searing high acid (including lean and rich...). This blanc canvas that creates some of the most profound, detailed and elusive dry wines in the world.
Australia has never been more exciting for Chardonnay, articulate with a number of styles, and growing sensitivity and understanding of place this country produces a fine display of just varied these wines can be

Whatever your preconception of this often maligned grape, join us as we taste through examples from Burgundy France, Australia and New Zealand to reveal just how difficult it is to comfortably pigeon hole this complext grape

There is a Chardonnay style for everyone! 
(nb - you must like wine to enjoy Chardonnay....)